Automatic Beer Packing Machine For Glass Bottle And Cans

Automatic filling machine,it has 8 filling heads,8 rinsing heads and 3 capping heads.
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1. No bottle, no filling: the machine only starts to fill when there is bottle, because there is sensor to check the bottle. It will avoid the waste of the bottle and beer. The rate of the broken bottle is less than 0.7% and the waste of the beer is less than 0.8%.

2. CO2 injection, long shelf life. The filling process is cleaner and pure due to its CO2 injection, and more stable because of isobaric filling operation. Using CO2 injection to realize the second evacuation ensure no O2 and bacteria in the bottle, guarantee the filling quality and the shelf life. 

3. Easy change, save time. It can be suitable for different bottle height by the up and down device. Nylon board is easy to change. It takes less than half an hour to change the changeable parts. Therefore, this machine is the best ideal choice for beer factories. 

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