Beer Processing Machine

Beer Processing Machine

This brewhouse is for a 1000L which can be use at home, brewery or pubs.
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This brewhouse is for a 1000L which can be use at home, brewery or pubs. It has three vessels (Mash tun, Lauter tun, Boiling/whirlpool tun and a hot water tank). If you need, we also can provide you with the 2, 4, 5 or 6 vessels brewhouse.


Diversified beer equipment combination---custom beer fermenter

Decoction, infusion, and multi-step infusion of saccharification can be achieved.

Electric, steam, gas direct combustion heating source optional

Mirror-polished and brushed SUS 304 for beer fermenters, thickness: 2-3mm

Reasonable layout, user-friendly design, easy to operate

System composition

1. After a strict water/air pressure test, air pressure test.

2. Cooling jacket, strict water/air pressure test.

3. The dish head has a thickness of 2.5mm and the taper angle can be customized.

4. There is a sanitary top pressure manhole at the top.

5. 360° full coverage CIP cleaning arm.

6. Carbon dioxide exhaust arm with butterfly valve.

7. Mechanical pressure regulating valve.

8. Level gauge with hose.


As you can see in the above pictures, we can provide many kinds of rakers in the luter tun, the raker can moved up and down as your needs automaticly or manually. The spent grain outlet also can be automatic or manulay. It's up to you!!

milled sieve (2).jpg

The sieve is milled in a filter bucket. The filter plate gap is less than 0.7 mm and the screen load is about 250 kg / m2. It is made by machine. The gap is more dispersed. Do not leak waste grain. In addition, since it has three parts, it is easy to take the ground sieve out of the filter bucket.

 motor and pump.jpg

We use ABB motors and VFD Food grade efficient centrifugal pump.

Heat exchanger and mirror.jpg 

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