Copper Brewhouse

Red copper Micro Brewery Craft Beer Equipment for Commercial Sale is the complete mash system, it is including the Malt milling system, Mash System, Fermentation system, Refrigerating System, CIP cleaning system and Control system. The six systems work stable with each other to help you brew the tasty beer.
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Product Details

The commercially available Copper Brewhouse is a complete mash system that includes a malt comminution system, a mash system, a fermentation system, a refrigeration system, a CIP cleaning system and a control system. The six systems are stable and can help you make delicious beer.

Beer equipment mainly consists of the following systems:

1. Malt smashing system

2. Saccharification, boiling, filtration system

3. Fermentation system

4. Temperature control system

5. Refrigeration system

6. CIP in-situ automatic cleaning system

product description

main feature:

*Good wear resistant material

Inner sheath (SUS304) thickness: 3.0mm

Outer sheath thickness: 2.0mm

Sealing head thickness: 3.0mm

*High quality insulation effect

Polyurethane thickness: 80mm

*Beautiful welding and polishing technology

Full argon shielded welding. Polishing accuracy can reach Ra0.6μm.

* Strong technical support

Provide drawings for each tank and follow the layout of the entire project

our company

Shandong Haige Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development and manufacture of beer brewing equipment, beer filling, canning production lines and auxiliary equipment. HG introduces advanced European technology and innovates in technology, becoming the leader in the domestic beer industry and the most professional supplier of liquid production and packaging turnkey projects.

HG is located in Jinan High-tech Development Zone, Shandong Province, close to Jinan International Airport and Qingdao Port, with convenient transportation. The company has 80 employees, including 20 engineers and after-sales engineers. It is the strongest after-sales service team in China, specializing in mechanical, process and electrical control.

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