Home Beer Brewing Equipment For Pub Brewing Supplier In China

Home Beer Brewing Equipment For Pub Brewing Supplier In China

With the purpose of customer’s satisfaction and the management of “convergence of wisdom, quality assurance”, HG company offers more high quality products and excellent service, and helps the customer to establish more value.
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Product Details

One Equipment Introduction 


Inner-Jacket(SUS304) thickness: 3.0mm

External-Jacket(SUS 304) thickness: 2.0mm

Insulation layer: Rock wool material Insulation thickness: 80mm

Inner polishing accuracy: Ra0.4µm

Top manhole door: Diameter: 400mm with safety sight-glass, atmospheric pressure manhole design

CIP cleaning device: Material: SUS 304

Outsourcing surface: Weld polishing processing

1.Mash System

1.1Mash/Lauter Tank

Milled sieve plate, Filter gap 0.7mm

Equipped with raker; Power: 0.55KW

With condensed water collecting ring and drain pipe

1.2Boiling/Whirlpool Tank

Heating way: steam heating

Heat exchange area: 1㎡, The heating rate: 1.5℃/min

With tangential inlet, DN40,

Oblique bottom: angle is 2°

2.Fermenter System

Cooling way: Dimple jacket plate;

Cooling media: glycol water or alcohol water.

Fermentation tank pressure: test pressure 0.3Mpa.

Working pressure 0.15Mpa.

Cleaning System: CIP washing unit: Comprehensive cleaning.

3.Refrigerating System

Insulation layer:Polyurethane: 80mm

Internal and external plate protection and sand polish on welding seal; Valves, accessories supporting.

Temperature mode:  

PT100 temperature probe, temperature transmitting, temperature control panel display.

Chiller cool the water in the ice water tank, during ice water cycling to cool the wort in the fermenters and heat exchanger.

4.CIP System

1 set

Useful capacity: 100L;

Thickness: 2mm.

Material all adopt the international standard of 304 stainless steel, all welding are argon protection single-sided, double-sided forming.

5.Controlling System

Touch Screens

For Mash System

Outline size: 400×700×2000

Mash tun,  Lauter tun, Kettle/Whirlpool tank, Hot water tank

Details of our products 

1) All tank are made of 304 stainless steel.  2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in electric parts and operation parts.  3) Tank pressure controlled by pressure gauge automatically. 4) The tanks are welded by TIG welding. 5) The tank will be polished 3 times. 6) Each tank will be tested by water and air.

 Two Supplementary Part


Three Quality Certificates


Four Details Show


Five After service


We have guaranteed the quality of electrical components and tanks for one year.If the electrical components within a year without human fault, we will provide free or maintenance for you.After a year, if you need to replace parts, we will provide you with the most favorable price or maintenance.When you encounter technical problems in the process of use, we will wholeheartedly provide support for you.

2.Installation and training:

If the buyer's technical engineers come to our company, we will provide training.If the buyer needs our engineers to install and train at the buyer's site, the buyer should pay the visa fee, air ticket, accommodation fee and salary, etc.

Six Company Introduction

    Shandong HG Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, researching and manufacturing beer brewery equipment, beer bottling and canning line and the subsidiary equipment. Introducing European advanced technology and innovating on the technology, HG company becomes the leader in domestic beer industry and the most professional supplier for liquid production and package turnkey project.


Seven Equipment Shows


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