Estonia 2000L Brewery

Part 1:
Configuration of General introduction of this 2000L beer equipment 


The turnkey 2000L beer brewery equipment included 2000L jacketed unitanks. The brewhouse based on three vessel structure: Mash tan,lauter tun,Kettle/whirlpool tun and 4000L HLT, the bigger HLT will help to offer enough hot water for mashing, sparging, tanks cleaning etc. It can also recycle more hot water from the heat exchanger, which will help to saves you some energy. It especially good for brewing 2 batches per day. 
The 2000L micro brewery equipped with automatic raker. When the raker is not in use,it can be lifted automatically. Spent grain out automactially,too. Bottom grain rake and grain out door, that makes the grain rake more stable and powerful during brewing and more easily for removing the spent out from the lauter tun.


Part 2:

The floor plan design


Part 3:
The 2000L Microbrewery Equipment manufactured in our workshop in 2017

661beer bottling line (1).jpg

Part 4:

The Microbrewery Equipment arrived and was installed in Estonia


The installation was finished with the help of our engineer, who flied to Estonia and offered technical and labor support. It is quite grand after the whole beer brewery equipment stood in their suitable place. 

661beer bottling line (3).jpg

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