Negative Pressure Alcohol Wine Fermenting And Bottling Packing Machine

Glass bottle wine bottling packing machine is a kind of professional filling machine integrator for wine, champagne, etc. It is multifunctional which can be used for washing, filling and capping.
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Wine rinsing/filling/capping 3-in-1 Unit machine:

Glass bottle wine bottling packing machine is a kind of professional filling machine integrator for wine, champagne, etc. It is multifunctional which can be used for washing, filling and capping. It is a kind of advanced filling machine integrator which is innovated following the process requirements of filling no-carbonated drink which is based on the importing and assimilating the foreign advanced technology. It is applied mostly in washing, filling and corking for wine, alcohol, champagne, etc. It is the perfect selection to a medium-size winery factory due to its reasonable configuration, security of operation, dependability of running and its so convenient maintenance.

negative pressure alcohol wine glass bottle packing machine

The primary features:

1. There are some features such as compact conformation, good shape, cozy operation, excellent automaticity and poor labor intensity.

2. We adopt conveyor bottle feeding technology instead of the feeding screw and conveyer chain. Easily change the bottle change over parts.

3. It adopts the blocking bottleneck technology to convey bottles. It does not adjust the height of equipment when the type of bottle is changed. According to the diameter of bottle, you could change corresponding nylon elements such as arc slipper guide, thumb wheel etc.

4. Those stainless steel bottle nips of wash are designed especially and are solid and durable. It does not touch thread position of phialine, in order to avoid the second pollution.

5. All of parts directly contacted with material are adopted with food stage stainless steel 304 without dead angle. So they can be cleaned easily.

6. High filling speed and mass flow rate, high precision of filling valve and control of liquids level is accurate and without loss.

wine bottle filler  wine bottle filler


The complete machine consists of 6 parts as following:

1. Washing system: it consists of washing gripping dial, water diversion pan and flume.

2. Filling system: it consists of hydraulic cylinder, filling valve, control ring and lift air cylinder.

3. Capping system: it consists of corking part, cap aligner and cap sliding guide rail

4. Power system: it adopts gear centralized drive model, which is consists of main motor and gear pairs.

5. Conveying system: it consists of guide table, thumb wheel and conveyor chain.

6. Electrical control system: it adopts frequency speed control, PLC control automatically and touches screen operation.

wine bottling machine  wine bottling machine

Main configuration for 3 in 1 machine:

1) Material of rinse and rotary plate, machine table is stainless steel 304.

2) Touch screen:DIGITAL


4) Photocell switch and proximity switch:AUTONICS (South Korea)

The electrical parts and pneumatic parts used in the 3 IN 1 machine are listed as follows:

wine packing machine  wine packing machine

Main Electrical parts:

1. Contactor: SIEMENS

2. Thermo relay: SIEMENS

3. Breaker: SIEMENS

4. Intermediate relay: OMRON

5. Photocell switch and proximity switch:AUTONICS (South Korea)

6. Frequency inverter: MITSUBISH

7. Main Pneumatic components:AIRTAC

wine packing machine  wine packing machine





Production capacity




Total power(kw)




Overall dimension(mm)





Grape stemmer:

1.Grape Destemmer is the machine of grape stem removing.

2.Grape Destemmer main parts are made of stainless  steel 304, it removes the grape stems first,then to smash the grapes, and mobile single screw pump to convey the mashed grape.

3.Machine consists of grape stem removing part, grape crusher, grape screw pump and electronic control cabinet.

Grape stemmer Mixing tank

Mixing tank:

This equipment is an assistant part for  wine on beverage filling line. It is used to mix syrup and other kind of liquid. It is made of super stainless steel. It has nice outlook, safe, hygiene characteristic and so on.

Wine Fermentation tank:

Capacity:100l~~10000l or even larger,can be customized

Material:All adopt the SUS304/316 at your request,with polyurethane inslutaion jacket,thickness 60~100mm rely on the capacity of the tanks.

Wine Fermentation tank Wine stortage tank

Wine stortage tank:

It is used to store wine after fermenting.

Stainless steel 304 or 316L.

Bottle dryer:

1. This machine is applicable for drying the bottles before labelling.

2. The wind direction is adjustable. The wind mouth can also be adjusted according to actual situation.

3. Almost every kind and size of bottles can be dried by this machine.

4. Low energy cost.

5. No easy-wear accessories or parts.

Bottle dryer Labeling machine

Labeling machine:

1. Suitable for a round bottlefront, back and neck label, flat and round bottles, single sided labeling, such as flat shampoo bottles and flat bottles of lubricating oil, liquid soap round bottle, wine bottle, etc.

2. Double the efficiency, which are widely used in chemical, cosmetics, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.


1. Equipped with vacuum ink recycle system to reduce the consumption of the ink, small occupation. Self-adjust when there's break, to confirm the best printing effect.

2. Easy to operate.

3. This machine would print in many different languages.

4. Display the product code, batch, etc.

5. Bold the characters as much as 9 times.

6. It can print 3 lines, numbers and other characters in English version.

Printer Packing machine Packing machine
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