- Oct 19, 2017-

  Our company adopts the order form of management pattern. According to the customers need, put forward their request to our company, meanwhile with the physical index of the product .Our technology department design the relevant drawings according to the demand and product standard. Material supply department responsible for purchasing and supply of material goods, and the production department organize each production workshop for the production based on drawings. In the production process, each process links all have special equipment and personnel quality inspection and quality control. Then organize transportation and notify the customer to accept the goods and examine goods, after-sales service to the door for installation commissioning, accept the quality inspection of the customer. and issue customer satisfaction quality books

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  With the expansion of production sc ale, the diversification of business products, the gradual increase in market share, Product orders of the customers at home and abroad began to flock to HG Machine Co., Ltd. Shandong. Products expand from the domestic market to foreign markets, to the world.

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  We have successfully exported to more than 20 countries including USA, UK, Canada, Russia, India, South Korea, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Benin, etc.