8-8-3 Filling Machine

- Aug 15, 2018-

8-8-3 filling machine 

Researching Germany advanced filling machine technology , we independently designed and manufactured a new beer filling machine. We call it 8-8-3 beer filling machine, 8 rinsing heads, 8 filling heads and 3 capping heads. The filling capacity can up to 1500BPH, the small floor space, the overall dimension is only  1800×1600×2550 mm, the whole frame is stainless steel 304, the total price is only 29,900USD. Here are some pictures for your looking. 

8-8-3 filling machine.jpg 图片2.jpg

Here are some information need to confirm with you.

1. Twice rinsing : One is disinfectant, another one is tap water. 


2.  Filling: External filling valve, it can reduce the oxygenation and the pollution chance of beer effectively. Here is a picture of filling valve for your looking. 

4.jpg 5.jpg

3. Beer tank: Polishing inside and outside like a mirrow. Besides, the thickness of beer tank is 10mm. 

6.jpg 7.jpg

4. Twice evacuation, longer shelf life of beer. 

5.Capper: We changed the pneumatic type, adapting the full mechanical transmission to make the equipment run more stable.


it is suitable for the micro brewery factory, not only beautiful appearance and stable performance, but also competitive price and high quality. If you are interested in our 8/8/3 filling machine, welcome your enquiry~