Beer Brewing Supplies, Micro Brewery Equipment

- Nov 24, 2017-

We only use quality 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel

Welders who have been welding for more than ten years only.

Key components only use internationally renowned brands

Such as: SIEMENS, ABB, Alfa Laval control instrument using the best

No matter which part of the weld is welded, we shall protect it with argon of 9999.9% purity.

Brewing is a complex process that combines technology, technology, and art. It is rooted in the strong historical background and cultural tradition, and with the talent of bringing forth new products, it can often pave the way for the application of the most advanced technology.

Manufacturers must comply with increasingly stringent laws and regulations, and be able to cope with rising energy costs.

In addition, the brewing process must be flexible enough to respond to changing consumer needs and preferences, standing in the global market to create world-class brand, and realize the production and supply of seasonal products.

HG is one of the world's largest equipment manufacturers professional. Our technology is a frontier technology in the brewing industry. Based on most advanced technology and current plant operation practices, we are committed to delivering outstanding solutions.

More revenue - less investment 

Brewing is the production of quality products with simple natural ingredients and inputs. Of course, the specific process varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. What's more, the equipment they use is different.

HG offers a variety of high efficiency of resource system and technology combination, in order to improve the cleanliness and sustainability of brewing system.