Beer Glass Bottle Filling Machine Selection Method

- Mar 10, 2018-

1. Select according to the filling material. If the product to be filled involves beverages, drinks, fruit juices, glues, etc., with different density and volume, try to choose a machine that has a relatively limited material condition, that is, a machine that can be used by more than one machine, if it is a single fixed filling item. Filling can be based on the choice of the material to be filled.

2. Look at the number of filling heads. If your company pays special attention to filling speed or urgent need of production, if you need a lot of love, it is best to choose long filling, if the demand is not particularly large, you can choose single or double headed, There is no need to choose too many heads, because generally speaking, the number of filling heads is relatively high, the price is a little more expensive, if you do not care about the price, the production volume is greatly increased, the demand is not so great, for the enterprise is a Great pen loss.

3. Look at the pass rate. Try to buy a relatively high pass rate.

4. Look at the shape. Although people cannot be seen, they can't judge whether a person is good or bad by appearance, but if you use this phrase on a glass beer filling machine, it's not necessarily. At the time of purchase, see if the selected machine is neat, generous, and whether it is more beautiful and firm in the details. If the appearance of a machine is good in detail and overall, in general, the quality of this machine is relatively good.

5. Look at the manufacturer and the place of production. In general, the quality of domestic glass beer filling machines is generally lower than that of foreign filling machines. The filling machines produced by large enterprises are better than the filling machines produced by small enterprises because large enterprises have sufficient capital. With technology, this is something small companies can't match. Of course, this is not absolute, it is only a general rule.

6. Look after service. In modern society, part of the after-sales service becomes more and more important. For example, Lenovo, a well-known Chinese brand, mentions Lenovo. It is estimated that many people think of it not because of its quality but its after-sales service. Its quality is not necessarily better than that of Asus, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, but its sales are very high. The reason is that Many people value its after-sales service. This shows how important after-sales service is in today's highly competitive market.

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