Copper Brew Kettle

- Apr 02, 2018-

The copper brew kettle

As we know,mash is the process to make the malt and high polymer material and its decomposition products decompose and dissolve in water with the action of various hydrolytic enzymes of the malt,the water as well as the heating.

HG adopt modern automatic plasma,laser cutting,pure argon welding technology.Tanks are made of high quality food grade stainless steel 304.the main body and parts that contact the liquid are all the mirror polished.The external are frosted polishing finish.Tank material can be stainless steel or copper.

Then there are the advantegas of our copper brew kettle. 

1.Researched and developed by our engineers,combined Germany technologies 

2. High quality materials, stainless steel, red cooper, beautiful outlook.

3. The parts use famous brand.

4. The finished beer is very delicious and nutritious for body.

5. The Seamless welding, good sealing performance.


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