DIY Brewing Beer With Our 300L Brewery Equipment

- Jul 26, 2018-


Today, we are brewing the beer in our factory. The equipment is 300L brewery equipment which is produced by ourselves. It is 3 vessel combination brewhouse which including mash/kettle tun+lauter tun&whirlpool tun. Please see the photo as following:


This 300L brewhouse is used steam heating way, so you'll not worry about your wort over-cooking and then damage your quality of beer. The most advance is that we are using the pneumatic valves and separated mash cabinet to control the brewhouse. You can put the buttons to achieve controlling the pump and  wort flow. 

Brewing process:

1. Malt milling


2. Mashing process

To put the malt into mash/kettle tun and then mashing.


3. Lautering


4. Boiling process: to add the hops


Any one who want to taste our beer and demand on our equipment, we are very glad to invite you to visit our company. 

Welcome to taste our beer!