Filling Method Of Filling Machine (2)

- Aug 12, 2017-

(1) Vacuum method Vacuum method is carried out under the conditions of less than atmospheric pressure, can be carried out in two ways: (a) differential pressure vacuum tank that is at atmospheric pressure, only the packaging container The formation of a vacuum, the liquid material to rely on the tank and the pressure difference between the container to produce flow to complete the filling, the domestic method is more commonly used. (B) the gravity vacuum is the vacuum inside the tank, the packaging container is first evacuated to form a vacuum equal to that in the tank, and then the liquid material flows into the packaging container by gravity, because the structure is more complicated and less domestic use. Vacuum filling a wide range of applications, it is suitable for filling a slightly larger viscosity of liquid materials, such as oil, syrup and so on. Also applies to filling vitamins with liquid materials, such as vegetable juice, fruit juice, etc., the formation of a vacuum inside the bottle means to reduce the liquid material and air contact to extend the shelf life of the product, vacuum method is also suitable for filling toxic Materials, such as pesticides, etc., to reduce the spill of toxic gases, improve working conditions.

(2) pressure method

The use of mechanical pressure or pressure, will be pouring material into the packaging container, this method is mainly used for filling thick viscous materials, such as filling tomato sauce, meat emulsion, toothpaste, balsam and so on. Sometimes can be used for soft drinks a soft drink filling, then rely on the bait of the bait itself directly into the bottle without inflatable pressure, which increased the filling speed, the formation of the bubble because of the colloid is still easy to disappear, On the filling quality have a certain impact.