Main Features Of Wine Filling Machine

- Aug 06, 2017-

(1) the use of low vacuum filling principle, paste the bottle wall filling, do not choke the wine, not foam, to ensure that the filling after the same level.

(2) bottle of incomplete bottles do not automatically filling, no liquid, do not break the bottle, bottle height error automatically adapt. The well-designed care bottle device is made of high quality materials, with reasonable design, high-end processing technology, accurate compression damping ratio to ensure the life of the bottle device.

(3) filling the valve with the filling industry's most advanced filling principle, reasonable design, excellent quality, precision machining parts, to ensure that after filling the liquid requirements.

(4) Do not remove the filling valve in the case, just hold up the valve up, clockwise 15 degrees can be filling the valve in a normally open state, this time

Can be easily on the filling barrel and filling valve for reverse washing. Single-pin fixed valve body structure, light pull pin shaft can be extracted as a whole, the principle is simple, extremely convenient maintenance.

(5) filling machine into the wine using imported high sensitivity level probe, the import level control device and into the wine pneumatic angle seat valve, so that the level of the tank in the filling control within 30mm fluctuations. This device can be synchronized with the wine into the pump action, in the absence of high tank can also be achieved in the case of liquid filling