New Definition Of Beer Equipment

- Mar 20, 2018-

Hello firends,

Welcome to HG,

If you are our new friend, here is a correct guide for you, if you are our old friend, here is the affirmation for your choice.

The flowing are some advantages of our equipment.

  1. For the mash system,the configuration frequency stirring,water mixer,internal spray cleaning ball,360-degree all-glass manhole and sight glass, ABB motors, the laser cutting sieve plate are used in the  system ,and the specifications for these configurations are very high,better yet,the pores of the laser cutting sieve plate is less than 0.7mm,in order to don’t lose the beer spent grains,and the sieve plate is convenient to be assembled and disassemble,easy to cleaned.


2.For the fermentation system,with a reasonable layout of fermentation pipeline and the latest process operation,it is simple and convenient to operate,and there is no hygienic dead angle,it’s sanitary and easy to clean;in addition,we use the dimple jacket as the cooling way,the area that contact the liquid is large ,so that the refrigerating effect is very good. The manhole was designed to be oval,good pressure resistant,good sealing.The top sealhead was made 3mm thick,good pressure effect,good thermal insulation effect.


 3.All the material is SUS 304 from Taiyuan Steel, Shanxi or Korea POSCO. The content of Ni is 8.47 + 0.21, while the content of Cr is 18.01 + 0.36,and all equipment will undergo stress testing before leaving the factory.

Believe and choose us,make your party perferct!