New Finished Some Brewery Equipment In HG Factory

- Mar 15, 2018-

Recently our factory has been finished some brewery equipment, it includs 50L,100L, 300L,500L and 1000L tanks. Here please allow me to introduce some information for you.

1.50L brewery equipment

100L brewery equipment.jpg

This set of brewery equipment is manufactured according to our customer's requirement. It is 2 vessels brewhouse, which is mash/lauter tun and bolling/whirlpool tun. And equipping with 6 fermenters. All tanks are putting in the wheels, so you can move them easily. This set of brewhouse adpot electric heating way, there has manhole on the top of brewhouse, so you can open it and check the inside of tanks. The brewhouse has 2 tanks, wort pump, plate exchanger and buffer tank. The fermentation system including 6 tanks, all tanks are made SUS316 material. It is much beautiful and firm.

2. 300L and 500L fermenters

300L fermenter-2_副本.jpg

All the our brewery equipment are made by the best sanitary stainless steel (SUS304) or POSCO stainless steel. The external-jacket thickness: 2.0mm and the inner-jacket thickness: 3.0mm. They have good abrasion resistance and also meet the equipment requirements.

3. 200L fermenters


All welding are used argon gas protection welding. It will help to reduce the oxygenation and protect the joint. Our welders has many years experience in welding and they adopt the most popular welding way--T.I.G welding. This welding way make sure the joint more beautiful and fastness. When welding, the welder should pay more attention the welding angle. Width and thickness to remain consistent. Hand welding control stability is one of the biggest key. The weld detailed pictures for your checking.

4. 300L brewery equipment


It is 300L brewhouse, which including mash/lauter tun and boiling/whirlpool tank and a 600L hot water tank. It is also the electric heating way. There has a wort pum and a hot water pump. This set of brewhouse is very suitable for homebrewing and microbrewing.

Above are some of our new finished equipment, if you want to know more news about our factory or equipment, please contact our company.

Have a great day!