Technical Features Of Water Filling Machine

- Apr 14, 2018-

1. Rotary intermittent rinsing, transfer from the bottle, put the bottle on the shelf, turn the bottle upside down, spray the inside of the bottle synchronously, drain the bottle and enter the filling.

2. The unique bottle-nozzle normal-pressure filling ensures that the bottle mouth and the filling valve port are sealed accurately, eliminating the leakage phenomenon caused by the bottle being not round or the bottle body being skewed and the bottle wall thin when filling the original supporting bottle bottom. .

3. Programmable controller control, automatic control from the bottle into the machine to the entire process of packaging.

4. Screw the cap with magnetic clutch, the torque can be adjusted to ensure the cap quality.

5. All parts that come into contact with liquids are made of stainless steel and meet food hygiene requirements.