The Tips Of Fermenter

- Feb 07, 2018-

The Tips of Fermenter--HG Machinery

1. Parameter of fermenter

Capacity:  Useful capacity of the fermenter is 80%~85% of the total capacity.

Seal: The top seal and end seal are both dished head.  The end cone is 60° or 72°.

Loading Capacity:  Inner-jacket: 0.1Mpa, Dimple plate: 0.2Mpa.


2. Cooling Way

① Ice Water Belt: Low cost, but also low efficiency. 

② Dimple plate: High efficiency and can take high pressure. 

Our standard cooling way is dimple plat cooling way.


3. Manhole 

① We use top manhole for fermenter under 500L

② We use side manhole for fermenter over 500L, it is much easier for client to clean it.


4. End cone

The standard cone of our fermenter is 60°, it will help the sedimentation of yeast. 


5. Package

We usually make the iron sheet for the fermenter when it delivered. It will protect the fermenter not get demaged.


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