What Are The Characteristics Of Carbonated Beverage Filling Machine? Coke Filling Machine Is What Kind Of

- Aug 24, 2017-

Products include beverage filling machine, pulp filling machine, aluminum foil sealing machine, thick sauce filling machine, filling aluminum foil sealing machine, automatic plastic (glass) bottle filling and sealing unit, carbonated beverage filling machine, Filling series, plunger thick sauce filling machine, dairy canning unit (dairy sealing machine), the machine has a reliable quality assurance, pious welcome businessmen come to visit! 

1, the beverage filling machine filling speed, high precision, wide range of uses, safe and reliable, no infiltration drip. Used in non-gas-containing liquids such as mineral water / pure water production lines, liquor, rice wine, hot filling production line, gas beverage filling production line, grape juice, fruit juice beverage, milk production line, thick sauce production line, fruit juice production line and soy sauce , Vinegar, etc. at room temperature and high temperature and filling. 

2, for a variety of square, round and cans, jars, beverage plastic bottles of filling; 3, the whole part of the exposed stainless steel and engineering plastics made, where the contact with the liquid are used stainless steel. 

4, bottle care is to follow the principle of precision and rapid filling, the use of flexible structure, no bottle of leakage; wine tank and liquid level selection of three-point liquid level automatic control device, into the wine pipeline with stainless steel inlet solenoid valve; Can be installed on the table, do not use recycled water. 

5, the machine has frequency control - soft start - emergency stop - easy to operate, stable operation, and intelligent set of overload protection devices, etc., will not produce missing phenomenon. 6, the machine is well filled, you can completely thorough cleaning and disinfection.