What Are The Types Of Equipment Used For Brewing?

- Aug 17, 2017-

The equipment to be used for wine

1, fermentation tank: for large wineries will generally make fermentation tank for grain fermentation purposes, small wineries can choose fermentation tank and other fermentation containers.

2, the crusher: out of rice, the other grain before the need to crush the grain, grain crushed after the full contact with the wine song, so that food fermentation evenly, fermentation thoroughly. It is recommended that the majority of friends grinder in the local agricultural market to buy, to reduce freight and other unnecessary expenses. Can also find someone else on behalf of the smash.

3, brewing equipment: In fact, liquor distillation equipment, fermented fermented grains into it, and then exogenous heating, due to the different substances, making the fermented grains of ethanol, water and a variety of organic distillation. Buy wine equipment, it is recommended to buy directly to the regular manufacturers, do not agree to buy those two traffickers of the grocer's equipment, because they wholesale or OEM from the other, their own know nothing about the equipment, so the product quality and after-sales service is difficult Guaranteed.

4, filtration equipment: wine must be filtered after the sale can be sold, scattered wine generally choose Chen filter can be, bottled wine to choose Chen filtration equipment, diatomaceous earth filter and precision filtration equipment can be.

5, storage tank: white wine after the completion of the need for storage tank storage. General choice of stainless steel storage tank or ceramic tank.