Wine Filling Machine Unique Features

- Sep 12, 2017-

The wine filling machine is a kind of machine developed for the wine filling process. The capacity of this equipment can be set according to the requirements of manufacturers to set their own, convenient and accurate. According to the wine filling characteristics of the bubble developed by the vacuum chamber and siphon two filling methods, can effectively guarantee the amount of filling per bottle of wine.

(1) body with automatic inspection device. The bottle is incomplete, there are cracks in the bottle is not automatically filling; bottle height error automatically adjusted.

(2) the way the low vacuum filling the way, so that the wine bottle filling the inner wall of the wall filling, the flow rate is appropriate to not choke the wine, not the effect of foam, to ensure that each bottle after filling the liquid level.

(3) sensitive filling valve, liquid level once reached a certain standard, filling the valve is immediately closed.

(4) high sensitivity level probe accurately in the filling bucket level control within 30mm fluctuations. This device can be achieved with the wine into the pump synchronized action, in the absence of high tank can also be achieved in the case of liquid filling.

Wine Filling Machine