100L/ 200L /500L Micro Beer Mash Tun Micro Beer Brewing Equipment Making System

100L/ 200L /500L Micro Beer Mash Tun Micro Beer Brewing Equipment Making System

100L/ 200L /500L/1000L Micro Beer Mash Tun Micro Beer Brewing Equipment Making System
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500L brewery equipment
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3 vessel Breweryhouse
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beer brewing equipment

Shandong HG Machinery Co.,Ltd. is an equipment manufacturer focusing on the global biological fermentation industry, with more than 19 years' experience in the field of biological engineering industry, beer (beverage) brewing equipment and filling machine industry, always specializing in the manufacture of high-end equipment. Company is major engaged in beer brewing equiment,providing high-end integrated services from product design,production, processing,installation and technical process reaining for large,mediuu,micro breweries,hotel restaurants,bar brewing enthusiasts.

1.How to achieve temperature control?

The PLC or digital dispalyer could control the temperature by connecting with the PT 100 sensor.The brewing tanks with rock wool to keep warm,the fermenters and bright beer tank with PU as cooling jacket to keep cool.

2.Which countries your products are exported to?

Our stainless steel microbrewery equipment are sold all over the world and with related certifications.

3.How to use your machine?

We have paper instructions in English, and we will teach till you do it well.

4.How long is your delivery time?

Usually it takes about 50 working days to manufacture a brewery.Depending on the size of the brewery,the amount of custom designed equipment,our general workload and the way of shipping this period can be shorter or longer.

5.Do you provide after-sales service?

Yes,we could provide after-sales service.We have many professional engineers, they can go to your place and teach your person installation and brewing

1. Container loading(20GP/40GP/40HQ) 2. Packed with plastic film and iron frame for main tank.Fittings use iron cabinet. 3. Customer's requirements available.

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