Project One:

China Xuzhou

This 500L brewing system includes three vessels mash system and 12 pieces of fermentation tanks.

Brewhouse:three vessel, mash tun, lauter tun, boiling/whirlpool tank. As well as a hot water tank.
Fermentation unit:16*500L fermenters.
Glycol chilling unit: 1500L glycol water tank and 1x5hp chiller.

CIP unit: 100L Caustic Tank and Sterilization Tank on portable cart.
Controlling Unit: Integrated instrumental Control Cabinet.
The client is very satified with our design. 


 500L brewhouse (3).jpg

500L brewhouse (6).jpg

Project Two

Yanjing brewery is the first two biggest brewery in China. 

It is founded in 1980 in Beijing. There are 41 brewery factories in China. HG has a very good cooperation with Yanjing brewery. There are two engineers who work in Yanjing brewery for about 17 years. 

They are very professional in industrial beer brewing equipment. 

"malting machine"

"automatic keg filler"

"keg filling machine"

"keg bottle filler"

Project Three

Tsingtao brewery is the first biggest brewery in China. 

There are craft brewery and industrial brewery for Tsingtao brand. They have purchased 2000L brewery equipment and 2000BPH, 2000CPH beer filling line. Each year, we cooperate at least one time. 

We have offered 15 sets of 3 vessel home brewing systems to this company. 

"conical fermentation tank"

"50 gallon conical fermenter"