1000LHome Beer Brewing Equipment For Pub Brewing Supplier In China

1000LHome Beer Brewing Equipment For Pub Brewing Supplier In China

Being technology innovation-oriented, HG company produces six series products including beer production line, distilled alcohol production line, CSD production line, water production line, juice production line and food processing equipment.
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Product Details

Equipment Introduction 

1000L brewery equipment

Mill System:500kg/h,Double roller type

Mash System:

Inner-Jacket thickness:3.0mm

External-Jacket thickness:2.0mm
Seal head thickness:3.0mm
Insulation layer:80mm
Mechanical stirring:Cycloidal pin gear speed reducer
Blender:ABB motor   power :1.1KW; speed ratio:1:29

Fermentation tank system

Design pressure:0.3Mpa

Working pressure:0.15Mpa   

Foot bolt:Adjust the height of the equipment, easy to install

Equipped with:   60° conical design   

Cleaning   System: CIP washing unit: Comprehensive cleaning.

Refrigerating System

Cold Liquor Tank:

PT100 temperature probe, temperature transmitting, temperature control panel display.

Chiller cool the water in the ice water tank, during ice water cycling to cool the wort in the fermenters and heat exchanger.


Capacity: 10HP

Using the latest evaporator condenser integrated, import compressor.

Using plate heat exchanger cooling technology, cooling effect faster than copper coil type 40%. Reduce power consumption more than by 20%

CIP System


food grade centrifugal pump; low noise;resistance to chemical performance.

Controlling System

Mashing control:

Mixing, rotation, wort pump Manual operate

Fermenting control

Temperature, pressure, lamp Instrument Semi-Auto-control

Cooling control

Machine unit, pump, temperature Instrument Semi-Auto-control

Cleaning control:

Instrument Semi-Auto-control Cleaning pump


The advantages of the equipment

1. We got certificates


2. Beautiful weld and polish technology:

All argon gas protection welding. Polishing precision up to Ra0.6µm.


3. Technical support

Our company has many experienced engineers. They are engaged in brewery equipment more than ten years. Our engineers can adjust the equipment according to your requirement and make the equipment layout according to your workshop layout. Besides, we have many skilled worker, they work on brewery equipment for 5 years. They are very excellence and superb.Here enclose a 3D design drawing of brewery quipment by our engineer.





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