1500L Copper Brew Kettle

HG adopt modern automatic plasma,laser cutting,pure argon welding technology.The tank's main body and parts that contact the liquid are all the mirror polished.The external are frosted polishing finish.
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The description of 1500L copper brew kettle

2000L brewhouse 1.jpg

*Mash/Lauter tank

-Effective volume:1500L                 

-Total Volume:2200L

-Dimensions: φ1560×2650mm

-Inner-Jacket(SUS304)thickness: 3.0mm;

-External-Jacket thickness: 2.0mm;

-Seal head thickness: 3.0mm.

-Insulation layer: Polyurethane-thickness: 80mm.

-Filter plate gap: ≤1.2mm; filter plate is detachable.

-Grains out way: dry grains out;

-Grains outdoor: 530mm*430mm.

-Equipped with: Blender; 

-Rotary CIP spray ball, Liquid level gauge

-Top glass manhole door: Diameter: 500mm;

-Outsourcing surface: Weld polishing processing.

-Inside or outside exhaust need to be confirmed

*Boiling/Whirlpool tank

-Effective volume:1500 L

-Total Volume:2200L

-Dimensions:φ1560 ×2650mm(Adjusted according to your space)

-Inner-Jacket(SUS304)thickness: 3.0mm;

-External-Jacket thickness: 2.0mm;

-Seal head thickness: 3.0mm.

-Insulation layer: Polyurethane-thickness: 80mm.

-Heating way: steam heating

-Tangent whirlpool mode.

-Pot body processing technology: All argon gas protection welding.

-Top glass manhole, 500mm


* Good abrasion resistance material

  Inner-Jacket(SUS304)thickness: 3.0mm

  External-Jacket thickness: 2.0mm 

  Seal head thickness: 3.0mm 

Stainless steel analysis from Europe_LI.jpg

* Beautiful weld and polish technology

  All argon gas protection welding. Polishing precision up to Ra0.4µm.

复件 (1) IMG_20170614_103022.jpg复件 (1) insider tank.jpg

 * World’s top brands’ electronic components

We use Siemens PLC and touch screen, Schneider button of circuit breaker, Airtac electromagnetic valves and other pneumatic parts, etc.

detalles.jpgcontrol cabinet 1.jpg

Sample 3D layout



New CE.jpgISO english version.jpg




1.We guarantee the quality of the main parts within 36 months, guarantee the electric parts within 12 months. If the parts go wrong without artificial factors within guarantee time, we will freely provide them or maintain them for you. After guarantee time, if you need to change parts, we will kindly provide you with the best price or maintain it in your site. Whenever you have technical question in using it, we will freely do our best to support you.

2.Provide on site and remote technical support for reparation and installation.


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