15BBL Craft Three Vessels Brewhouse

15BBL Craft Three Vessels Brewhouse

600L Brewhouse/Brewery equipments/Beer brewing System Heating way: Electric-heating, gas-fire heating, steam-heating, oil-heating, etc. for choice Mash tank, Lauter tun, Boiling Kettle, Whirlpool tun in various combination.
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Product Details


Useful capacityQuantity and capacity of components
Mash system15BBL1*15BBL mash tank with blender controlled by lower ABB motor;
1*15BBL lauter tank using automatic raker, milled sieve plate and lower ABB motor;
1*15BBL boiling tank
1*15BBL whirlpool tank;
1*30BBL hot water tank;
1*40L hop filter;
1*40L wort grant;
1*BR0.23/20 20m2 plate heat exchanger;
3*5000L/h wort/hot water pumps using ABB motors
1*200kg/h gas-fired steam boiler;
1*operation platform;
1* pipeline for mash system
Fermentation system15BBL8*15BBL fermentation tanks;
1*40L yeast tank;
1*pipeline for fermentation system and cooling system
Refrigerating system 30BBL1*30BBL Ethylene glycol tank
1*30BBL cold water tank
1*15HP chillers;
1*5000L/h ethylene glycol/cold water pump using ABB motor;
CIP system100L1*100L movable CIP station
Controlling systemControlling systemstainless steel cabinet shell with Siemens touch screen and PLC(semi-automatic mash system and automatic fermentation& cooling system)


Product Description

Mash Tank

LED lamp: save more energy and good lighting.
ABB motor power 0.55kw
Glass manhole: easy to observe

Material:Stainless steel 304



 Lauter Tank

Milled sieve: filter plate gap≤0.7mm 
Customized raker in mash tank 
Moto power is 0.55 kw; ratio 1:43

Boiling Tank

Spring washing ball
Good efficiency heating element 
LED sight light:save more energy and good lighting
Indoor exhaust



Whirlpool tank

Glass manhole: easy to observe

ABB motor power 0.55kw
Grain outlet: good tightness

Fermentation Tank

Hop adding port: use to add the hops 
Dimple plate: it has more refrigerated area
Stainless steel spray washing ball 
Beer outlet valve, the size is customized

check the tank

Packing & Delivery



The iron frame packing makes the equipment safer in transportation.

The iron frame packing makes the equipment safer in transportation.


证书ISO certificate

Weld and Polishing


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Shandong HG Machinery Co.,Ltd

We have specialized in designing and manufacturing brewery equipments for over 10 years, whose cost is more competitive than your local suppliers. We are able to install and maintain equipments in your brewery. Our great technical supporting and accessory supply is also permanent available.



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