Automatic 8 Heads Filling Machine

Automatic 8-8-3,it has 8 rinsing heads,8 filling heads and 3 capping heads.Its speed is about 1000-1200BPH.
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Product Details

(1)Adopts high precision mechanical valve, has advantages of high precision in liquid level.

(2)Sealed filling cylinder made of 304 stainless steel and automatic adjustment of the liquid level to realize isobaric filling.

(3)Has CIP cleaning function, touching screen control, the whole machine is protected

(4)Adopt vacuumization and CO2 preparing pressure principal.

(5)The height of the rinsing-filling-capping machine is adjustable to fill different kinds of beer bottles within the design scope.

(6)Main transmission adopts a transmission combination of cog-type belt and gear box type, high efficiency and low noise.

(7)Main transmission adopts stepless speed regulation. The machine adopts Siemens PLC control.

(8)When there are bottles, it will fill. Otherwise, it won’t. 

(9)There are two kinds of control system, manual and automatic. When using manual system, if there is no beer or cap, the machine can alarm automatically. When using automatic system, it can automatically adjust if you set the requirement.

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