50l Beer Equipment

The 50l beer equipment uses high-quality whole malt and high-quality hops as raw materials. It uses advanced technology to produce beer with unique flavor, delicate and long-lasting foam, rich and nutritious taste. Our company's 50l beer equipment is suitable for hotels, barbecues, restaurants, bars, resorts and other dining and entertainment venues.
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50L Beer Equipment

Home brewing equipment is designed for home brewer who brew for hobby, recipe testing, teaching ets.

According to the client’s requirement, HG can produce stainless steel 304 brewhouse, copper and etc.

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Restaurants, bars, hotels, brewery
Heating way
Sean heating/ Electric heating/ Direct Fire heating

Water consumption


Degree of automation
Semi-automatic/Fully automatic

Our company's 50l beer equipment is suitable for hotels, barbecues, restaurants, bars, resorts and other dining and entertainment venues.

The saccharification system and the fermentation system liner are made of stainless steel, and the outer surface is made of stainless steel.

The design is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, durable, easy to operate and maintain.

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1. The whole process is automatically controlled, and the filling is completed automatically, and the CO2 backup pressure is all the work.

2. All control parameters can be adjusted non-stop.

3. The anaerobic filling technology ensures the pure and delicious taste of the beer.

4. With isostatic filling, the pressure holding system is stable and reliable.

5. It is possible to directly replace buckets of different capacities without modifying any parameters.

6. It has its own pipeline cleaning and sterilization function, and it is easy to operate.

About US:

Shandong HG Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, researching and manufacturing fully automatic and semi automatic beer, beverage and the other liquid production and filling line.We innovate and endeavour to improve the industrial chain ceaselessly; now we own beer equipment, beverage equipment, bio-pharmaceutical equipment, condiment equipment and other full range of fermentation equipment product lines. Products are sold to USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and South Africa etc, more than 150 countries and areas.

Engineer team:

We have a professional team of engineers, our technical engineers have more than ten years of work experience.

They are very proficient in beer equipment and filling equipment. We could provide CAXA drawing of every tank and drawing the 3D layout of the whole project according with customer’s workshop.

We take customers from all over the world.

About Delivery:

After-Sale Service:

We guarantee the quality of the electrical elements within one year and tanks body within 1 years.

If the electrical elements go wrong without artificial factors within one year, we will freely provide them or maintain them for you.

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