8BBL Home Beer Brewing Equipment with Electrical Heating for Pub Hotel Bar Restaurant

8BBL Brewing system Product Application The complete 8BBL brewery equipment includs the following 6 systems: 1.Malt milling system 2.Saccharification System 3.Fermentation system 4.Refrigerating System 5.CIP cleaning system 6.Controlling system SPECIFICATIONS FOR 8BBL BREWERY EQUIPMENT:
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8BBL Home Beer Brewing Equipment with Electrical Heating for Pub Hotel Bar Restaurant

home beer brewingelectric brewery




Occupied area


Steam load

Water load

Tank diameter

House required










beer brewing plant costbeer brewing plant cost

Mainly includes the following systems, raw material grinding system, saccharification system, wort cooling system, fermentation system, beer filtration system, bottle washing and filling capping sterilization system, electrical and automatic control system, refrigeration system.

Mainly used in restaurants, dance halls, bars, for the field brewing unique, a variety of high-grade whole wheat beer, directly to customers. The appearance of the equipment is antique, gorgeous and elegant, reflecting the millennium beer culture to arouse consumers' desire to buy. This series of equipment is mainly used for wine making and also for customers to enjoy.

Home brewing equipment: For personal recreation and recreation of micro-equipment, more special tools, containers and semi-finished raw materials, accessories, additives, with the help of home kitchen facilities and refrigerators to complete beer brewing.

The overall equipment and pipeline layout is beautiful and generous, easy to operate, safe, the pipeline between the equipment using health-grade connection, disassembly, assembly, movement is very convenient. The main equipment has adjustable leveling, stable performance, no running, running, dripping, leakage and no steam leakage. Equipped with a perfect automatic cleaning system, the equipment is easy to clean and thorough. Equipment and piping layout without dead ends, using acid and alkali resistance and high temperature resistance. All plates, pipes, fittings and valves are made of sanitary grade products. Containers, pipes, fittings and valves in contact with wort, beer, detergents and softening water are made of stainless steel. The gasket of quick connector should be made of polytetrafluoroethylene. The equipment is fine in processing, and the welding precision reaches the sanitary standard. The interior is polished by mirror, and the exterior is polished by stainless steel. This kind of equipment requires high accuracy of test data and high configuration of automatic control. The whole set of testing elements, such as liquid, temperature, pressure, etc. are imported components to ensure the high reliability of data acquisition. The complete set of equipment can realize automatic operation, complete configuration and high cost.

home beer brewinghome beer brewing

electric breweryelectric brewery


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