Beer Keg Line

Beer Keg Line

Best homebrew conical conical beer keg beer fermenter production line Configuration of the 300L brewing system: 1. M ill system 2. Mash system 3. Fermentation system 4. Cooling unit 5. CIP system 6. Control system 7. Spare parts Reference general configuration and specifications for beer brewing...
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Beer Keg Washing and Filling Monoblock

The washing and filling can be realized in this machine. There are two heads, one is for washing, the other is for filling.


1. This machine is controlled fully automatically. All the parameter can be adjusted when the machine is working.

2. The washing and filling can be realized in this machine.

3. The main part of air pipe and water pipe is steel. No leakage happens. The shell life is long.

4. This machine is used for storage keg and draught beer keg.

5. There is CO2 injection before beer filling.

6. The pneumatic control valve is used, the machine is more sensitive.

7. The counter pressure filling method is used to avoid the beer contacts the air.

8. Fully automatic CIP washing system


Work procedure:

Filling station: keg positioning—CO2 injection—Keg filling—Automatic stop—Pick up the keg Washing station: Keg pressing—Left liquid drainage—water washing—thimerosal washing—water washing—sterile water—CO2 injection—pick up the keg  

keg filling line_副本.jpgkeg filling line_副本.jpg keg washing machine_副本.jpgfour heads keg washing machine_副本.jpg

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