Malt Equipment

Malt Equipment

This technology was invented by Germany engineer, it consists of cleaning raw material, steep, germination, kiling and scale packing, its advantage: germination box is rectangle box, fan provides uniformity air from one end or side so as to achieve hu-miture control. Material transmission adopts mechanization, drying adopts single layer high efficiency kiln, double layer high efficiency kiln or round kiln.
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Steeping Tank

Capacity10t/Batchat the bottom have the heat preservation device and under-arm

Length*width*height: 3600*3600*4500mm

Install ventilation mouth at the bottom

Install the floating overflow groove on the top of the box

Material:Stainless steel 304


The malting process starts with soaking the barley grains for 24 – 48 hours in a steeping vessel.
During this time air is blown through the vessel (the steep) to add oxygen to the water and to cause a washing effect. Sand, dirt, and mould infested kernels are washed away resulting in a clean product. After approx 24 hours. the barley begins to sprout and the grain is transferred to the germination floor.

Germinating and Kilning Box

Capacity: 10T/Batch; Including Sieve Plate

Length*width*height: 18000*2000*1700mm

Chest Wall Thickness: 2mm

Malt Turner Boosting Speed: 0.4-0.5m/Min

Malt Turner Rotating Speed:8-9R/Min

Material: Stainless steel 304


For seeds of any sort to sprout, a moist and warm environment is required. After the grains have been soaked they need to be rinsed and situated in a warm environment with light available to them. The moist barley is spread out and allowed to germinate in a warm and light environment. During this process the sprouting barley produces heat. To control the temperature of the sprouts, they have to be turned on a regular basis. Historically, this was done by hand, but in modern times it is done by mechanical turners. The modern techniques used in the malting, such as fan assisted aeration and cooling devices allow us excellent control over the malting process enabling a germination process of 5 to 6 days.

After the germination is complete, the grain is loaded onto the kiln floor. There the temperature increases gradually, drying the sprouted grains and stopping the germination process. As the temperature rises even more, the sprouted barley is cured, which improves flavor and preserves the malt.
Malt only uses state of the art, computerized kilns to ensure maximum quality control. The malted barley no longer comes into contact with the fumes from burning natural gases. Instead, the green malt is dryed using steam or heated air, thereby reducing the possibilities of impurities in smoke and fume being transferred to the barley.

Malt Deculming Machine

Production Capacity10T/h

Size: L*W*H 3000*1500*2500mm

Total power: 15kw


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