Turnkey Craft Beer Making Machine 500L Beer Brewery Equipment For Sale

Micro beer brewing equipment is a good choice for ginshop, barbecue, restaurant, who brew beer for the customer at scene. The luxury shape, small space demanded, no only has the ornamental value, but also can show the whole process of the brewing to the customer, let them learn the deep cultural connotation of beer.
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Beer Equipments List of Various Models

Each brewmaster has his own understand when brewing beer. We are able to design the equipments according to your personalized request. If you don’t have experience in this field, you can choose our standard solution as below:

Model Capacity100L200L300L500L1000L
Area request18m220m240m250m2100m2
Installed power10kw15kw22kw35kw70kw
Steam generator50kg50kg50kg50kg100kg
Water consumption0.4M3/Day0.83M3/Day1M3/Day1.5M3/Day3M3/Day

fermenter (1)

Equipment components:



Malt milling unit

Roller miller


Necessary equipment

1.Mash tun 2.Lauter tun 3.Boiling tun 4.Whirlpool tun

5.Boiler 6.Plate heat exchanger 7.Wort pump


Fermentation tank

Bright beer tank

Glycol chilling unit

1. Ice Water Tank
2. Refrigeration Machine

CIP unit

1. Washing Tank
2. Sterilization Tank

Control box

Mashing control panel

Part 1:Malt milling


1.Miller:1 set.


3.Material: Carbon steel.


5.Type: double roller type.

Part 2:Beer Brewhouse



Two vessels

Three vessels

Four vessels

Two vessels+hot water tank

Three vessels+hot water tank

Four vessels+hot water tank

With all of pipeline and assories

Part 3:Fermentation system


  1. 60°、70° cone single

  2. Heating: tank body and cone.

  3. Dimension: customized

  4. Optimal aspect ratio design for you

Part 4:Cooling system


1set, one for mash system and fermentation system

Capacity: 8HP-50HP

Medium: Environmental protection refrigerants R134a

Using the latest evaporator condenser integrated, import compressor.

Part 5:Control Box


The data of control system can be outputed,and it is convenient to do reseach and analysis data.

Part 6:Our company

HG is specialized in the best quality and high level of beer brewery equipment and beer filling lines for 16 years, including 50-10000L beer brewery equipment and 100-30000 bottles/cans/kegs per hour filling line.No matter what you need is bottle filling, can filling or kegging filling, HG can also meet your needs.


Part 7:Certificate


Part 8:Turnkey projects experence show


Part 9:Customer show


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