New Designed Counter Pressure Beer Can Filling Filler and Sealing Seamer Machine for Micro Brewery Factory

Beer can filling and sealing unit machine Beer can filling-sealing 2-1 machine is a filling sealing 2 in 1 machine designed combined with the actual situation in our country after the introduction and absorption. It adopts isobaric filling principle and filling valve adopts high precision...
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Product Details

Beer canning machine

beer can filler  beer canning machine

beer canning line  can seaming machine

Beer Filling Machine  Beer Filling Machine

Main technical features:

1) For empty tanks, wash and blow at the time of filling and before sealing, and carbon dioxide is placed on the top. It can effectively reduce the oxygen increase.

2) During the filling process, the cans cannot be raised and lowered, and the valves are lifted and lowered. The cylinder-controlled valve lift is not controlled by normal mechanical motion and therefore wears little.

3) The filling machine and the sealing machine have the same spacing, which makes the transportation speed more stable, and there is no transition sprocket like the small tank filling and sealing machine.

Work efficiently:

The servo drive is equipped with a separately sized motor to keep energy consumption low.

Hygienic design is eye-catching:

The filling machine is made of stainless steel, has a small surface area, and is easy to access when cleaning.

Support for subsequent installations:

These systems can also be retrofitted with a bottle washer or multiple cappers, or connected to other machines to form a combined unit.

Proof of multifacetedness:

The modular design includes a full range of filling systems.

filling equipment  Beer Filling Machine





Production capacity(330ml CPH)




Total power(kw)








Overall dimension(mm)




filler  beer can filler

Accessory equipment for beer canning line:

Can depalletizer:

This machine is designed for empty cans. It brings the empty cans to the accumulation table through the layers to send the cans to the can line.

beer canning machine
beer canning line

Can rinser:

It is used to clean empty cans on a canning line. The empty canister will first be sent to the steering device, which is then rotated and transferred to the processor. The empty canister can be run from top to bottom along the rotating device. When the empty tank enters the washing machine, it will be cleaned with hot water (customer supplied) at 80 °C to achieve the sterility of the can. There are certain inclination angles on both sides of the processor, and the size can be adjusted as needed. The empty cans will roll in parallel from top to bottom; the waste water will be discharged from the drain.

Tunnel pasteurizer:

This spray warming cooler is also known as a tunnel pasteurizer, which is different from direct heating (instantaneous sterilization). The tunnel pasteurizer sterilizes the product together with the container so that it can be allowed. Eliminate the causes of various possible harmful bacterial growth in time.

can seaming machine


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