Automatic 6 Heads Beer Bottle Filling Machine

Automatic 6 Heads Beer Bottle Filling Machine

HG6/6/1 type beer bottle washing filling capping monoblock is designed combined with the actual situation in our country after the introduction and absorption that comes from Germany technologies.
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Product Details

It adopts isobaric filling principle and filling valve adopts high precision mechanical valve. It has advantages of taking small space, high precision in liquid level. Adopt Siemens automatic controlling system, realizing trinity of the machines, and control the rinsing , filling and capping process.

Main Features

(1) Adopts high precision mechanical valve, has advantages of high precision in liquid level.

(2) Sealed filling cylinder made of 304 stainless steel and automatic adjustment of the liquid level to realize isobaric filling.

(3) Has CIP cleaning function, touching screen control, the whole machine is protected by stainless door.

(4) Adopt vacuumization and CO2 preparing pressure principal.

(5) The height of the rinsing-filling-capping machine is adjustable to fill different kinds of beer bottles within the design scope.

(6) Main transmission adopts a transmission combination of cog-type belt and gear box type, high efficiency and low noise.

(7) Main transmission adopts stepless speed regulation. The machine adopts Siemens PLC control. 

(8) When there are bottles, it will fill. Otherwise, it won’t. 

Liquid level are the same

This machine is rotary rinser, mainly used in beer bottles . The main structure and the wash equipment wetted parts and external shields are stainless steel; gear transmission

Capping part 

Only a standard height outer-diameter covered crown can guarantee the work of capper operating normally, crown cover should be stored in dry room.

Mark the label easy to connection

label marked about CO2 and air in or our port

SIMENSE control system

control box is the unit with the filling machine

Whole bottling line

Fully automatic bottle in-feed table

save labor and improve working efficiency

Adhesive labeling machine

Can make the lable on the bottle body/neck/back

Bottle dryer

make the outside of bottle dry before labeling

Bottle collect table

Collect the bottle after filling

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