4-4-1 Type Of Beer Filling Machine For Small Brewery

4-4-1 Type Of Beer Filling Machine For Small Brewery

It adopts isobaric filling principle and filling valve adopts high precision mechanical valve. It has advantages of fast filling speed, high precision in liquid level. Adopt Siemens automatic controlling system, realizing trinity of the machines, and control the washing, filling and capping process.
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Product Details

Working procedure

(1) Invert the bottles onto the rinsing, then gently press the bottle, and the rinsing valve open automatically , and then the rinsing starts.

(2) When the bottle is rinsed, the water in the water tank can be recycled or only once. After rinsing, there will compressed air blowing the inside of the bottle.

Filling part: 4 nozzles

The filling part also has 4 heads. There are two modes for this filling process. One is automatic that you can fill beer into bottles with the 4 fillers at same time. Another is semi-auto that you can fill beer into bottles one by one. All the two modes can be operated on Screen.

Working procedure

(1)Filling procedure:Cylinder rise and compact the bottle → Vacuum pumping → Co2 pressure→ Filling(Co2 return)→ Valve close → Pressure relief vent → Cylinder decline

Capping part: 1 head

The capping machine is made up of cap holder, capping slideway, capping upper part, capping lower part, elevating part and anti-circling column.

Technology data

Rinsing heads


Working voltage AC

According to the voltage in   your country

Filling heads


Control voltage DC


Capping heads


Dimensions (mm)

2000× ×2000(L*W*H)





Sterile   air consumption


Water consumption

Water consumption: 0.5-1T

CO2 consumption


vacuum pump

0.      2m3/h

Bottle type



Installed capacity:

Hopper motor: 0.18 kw

Vacuum pump motor: 0.37 kw

Rinsing pump motor: 0.37kw

Advantages of our brewery equipment

1. Quality Certificates:The quality can be guaranteed.

2.The Best Quality of Auxiliary Machines and Accessories:More durable and stable.

3.Technology:Beautiful appearance and excellent quality.

4.Best raw materials:304 stainless steel.5.Perfect after-sales service:Let you rest assured.

5.Perfect after-sales service:Let you rest assured.

6.The iron frame packing makes the equipment safer in transportation.

Company Introduction

Introducing European advanced technology and innovate on the technology, HG company becomes leader in domestic liquid package machinery industry and the most professional supplier for liquid production and package turnkey project.HG company has got ISO 9000:2015 quality certificate and is run according to ISO management. Being technology innovation-oriented, HG company produces six series products including beer production line, distilled alcohol production line, CSD production line, water production line, juice production line and food processing equipment. She succeeds in offering high quality and excellent service to Tsingtao beer, Yanjing beer and Snow beer and exporting to more than 60 countries in Europe, America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

With the purpose of customer’s satisfaction and the management of “convergence of wisdom, quality assurance”, HG company offers more high quality products and excellent service, and helps the customer to establish more value.

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