Beer Rinsing Filling Capping Equipment

Beer Rinsing Filling Capping Equipment

Product Application HG-GZFB6/6/1 type beer bottling machine for washing filling capping monoblock is designed combined with the actual situation in our country after the introduction and absorption that comes from Germany technologies. It adopts isobaric filling principle and filling valve...
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Product Details

Product Application

Hg-Gz 6/6/1 beer rinsing filling cover is designed by introducing and absorbing German technology and combining the actual situation in China.

1. The machine is our patent product.

2.Long shelf life. Adopt vacuumization and CO2 preparing pressure principal.

3.The machine can realize twice vacuum , and oxygen increase uo to 20PPB.

4.Easy to operate. Adopt Mitsubishi automatic controlling system, realizing trinity of the machines, and control the washing, filling and capping process.

5.The valve is the traditional European valve. It’s very stable and hard to be damaged. Even you want to change the valve, it’s easy to find and low-cost.

6.The accessories can be adjusted, so the machine can fill different kind of bottles. 


Main Features

1.This machine is our patented product.

2. Long shelf life.The pressure principle of vacuum and CO2 preparation was adopted.

3. The machine can realize secondary vacuum and increase the oxygen uo to 20PPB.

4. Easy to operate.Mitsubishi automatic control system is adopted to realize the three-in-one control process of cleaning, filling and sealing.

5. Valves are traditional European valves.It is very stable and not easily damaged.Even if you want to replace the valve, it is easy to find and cheap to do so.

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1. Pre-employment:

- Layout: Send us your floor plan or sketch, or tell us the dimensions (length, width, height) and we will provide them for you

The equipment floor space is available upon your request.

- Technical drawings: We will provide the technical drawings of each tank according to the equipment layout.

-3D effect sketch: We will 3D effect sketch to ensure you have a more intuitive experience

2. After-sales service

We guarantee the quality of the main engine within one year.If the electrical components fail without human factors within one year, we will provide or repair them free of charge.

After warranty, if you need to replace the parts, we will offer the best price or on your website for maintenance.If you encounter technical problems in the process of use, we will wholeheartedly provide support for you.We can also send engineers to your brewery to install and adjust the machines for you.He can also train your staff to use the equipment.

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