300l Micro Brewery

300l Micro Brewery

300L Steam Heating Micro Brewery Craft Beer Equipment for Commercial Sale is the complete mash system, including the mash/lauter tun, boiling/whirlpool tank and hot water tank. The heating way is steam heating which is high-efficiency. Main Features * Good abrasion resistance material...
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The 300L steam-heated micro-wine craft beer equipment for commercial sale is a complete mixing system including filter drums, boiling/whirlpools and hot water tanks. The heating method is steam heating and high efficiency.



The brewing process of beer is

Crushing: grinding of malt particles.

Sugar: The pulverized barley malt is soaked in hot water to release maltose to form maltose juice.

Filtration: Maltose juice is separated from the grain.

Cook: The malt juice is boiled and hops are added to spice up.

Cooling: After the wort is cooled, it is put into yeast fermentation.

Fermentation: Yeast converts sugar juice into alcohol and carbon dioxide during fermentation. The fermentation process takes about half a month to ripen the beer.

Bottling: Add a little sugar to the bottle to ferment the beer in the bottle to produce carbon dioxide.

Storage: Storage can make the flavor of beer more full and mature. Storage time is 6 months to 24 months depending on the type of beer.

Main feature

*Good wear resistant material

Inner sheath (SUS304) thickness: 3.0mm

Outer sheath thickness: 2.0mm

Sealing head thickness: 3.0mm

*High quality insulation effect

Polyurethane thickness: 80mm

*Beautiful welding and polishing technology

Full argon shielded welding. Polishing accuracy can reach Ra0.6μm.

* Strong technical support

Provide drawings for each tank and follow the layout of the entire project

beer fermentation machine

beer fermentation machine

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