100L Micro Beer Brewing Equipment For Home

The equipment can also be customized according to customer needs.
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Product Details

The whole equipment is made of high qualitystinless steel 304.

The insulation and outer protective layer of the equipment is made of 2mm stainless steel wire drawing plate as the outer protective layer, and 100mm rock wool insulation layer is built in.

The mixing method of the mash tank is to arrange the opening blades (900mm) in opposite directions to form a soothing mild stirring effect and eliminate the agglomeration phenomenon at the center of the stirring shaft.

The fermenter design pressure is 0.3mpa and the operating pressure is 0.15mpa.

The polishing of equipment is accuracy lower than 0.6um.

A backwashing device is installed at the bottom of the filter tank, equipped with special nozzles and combined check valves

The milled sieve plate in the filter tank has high filtration precision and is easy to remove and wash.

The angle of the inclined bottom of the whilpool tank is 1.5° to ensure the clarity of the beer.Equipped with a bottom cleaning device for easy cleaning of spin-drying substances.

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