3 Bbl Brewhouse

3 Bbl Brewhouse

Beer Brewhouse 10bbl Microbrewery Brewhouse System in Commercial Brewing Plant is completed brewing system, it is including the Malt milling system, Mash System, Fermentation system, Refrigerating System, CIP cleaning system and Control system. The six systems work stable with each other to help...
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Product Details

Equipment show:


Bar equipment show:


Main Features

*Good wear resistant material

Inner sheath (SUS304) thickness: 3.0mm

Outer sheath thickness: 2.0mm

Sealing head thickness: 3.0mm

*High quality insulation effect

Polyurethane thickness: 80mm

*Beautiful welding and polishing technology

Full argon shielded welding. Polishing accuracy can reach Ra0.6μm.

* Strong technical support

Provide drawings for each tank and follow the layout of the entire project

Customer seminar

* Electronic components of the world's top brands

For example, we use Siemens PLCs and touch screens, Schneider buttons for circuit breakers, Airtac solenoid valves and other pneumatic components.

* CE certificate and UL certificate

All of our products are CE certified. We can also apply for a UL certificate if you need it.

*Good after-sales service

Provide foreign installation and training, free 1 year spare parts


1. Contains all the functions required for the craft brewing process.

2. The temperature and process are controllable for easy recording to introduce the process to large craft beer equipment.

3. The design is scientific and reasonable, simple and easy to operate, easy to use.

4. Meet the functional requirements of all beer making processes.

This equipment has been carefully designed and manufactured for the validation of craft beer manufacturing processes, the development of new beer, the teaching of beer making and the occasion of small batch beer consumption. It simulates the entire process and functions of craft beer production, including: saccharification, filtration, boiling, cyclone precipitation, wort treatment, fermentation, high and low temperature control, time control, pressure control, etc.

Detailed pictures:


beer fermentation machine

beer fermentation machine

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