200L Home Beer Brewing Equipment

200L Home Beer Brewing Equipment

We not only change malt into beer, but also change the beer into vessels of beer.
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200L Home Beer Brewing Equipment

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Hello, thanks for clicking our products. This is Mandy from shandong HG machinery. We not only change malt into beer, but also change the beer into vessels of beer.

And are you going to start your own brewery pub or you are considering to brew beer at your home? Let's begin our journey in beer brewery equipment.

Carbonated soft drink filling equipment

1. Components

Equipments Request


1. Milling System

Malt Miller

2. Mashing System

Mash/Lauter Tank

Boiler Tank

Whirlpool Tank

Heat Exchanger

Wort Pump

Stir Device (Optional)

Other accessories are available:

1. Ornamental Pipe;2.Mashing Pipeline;

3. Yeast Feeder; 4. Venturi Tube; 5. Butterfly Valve DN40; 6. Butterfly Valve DN32; 7. Soft Pipe;
8. Dregs Rake; 9. Sugar Measuring Cylinder; 10. Saccharimeter;

3. Fermenting System

Fermentation Tank

Other accessories are available: 1. L-Pipe; 2. Butterfly Valve;

3. Pressure Gage; 4. Solenoid Valve; 5. Vacuum Valve; 6. Cooling Pipe;

7. Thermal Insulation Pipe;

4. Cooling System

Ice Water Tank

Refrigeration Machine

Centrifugal Pump


Ice Water Pump

Relative Pipes and Valves

5. CIP System

Washing Tank

Sterilization Tank

Pump and Valve

6. Filter System

Kieselguhr Filter

Membrane Filter

Filtered Beer Tanks

7. Filling system

Beer filling line for Glass /PET bottle

Beer filling line for keg

Beer filling line for can

8. Packing System

Fresh Keg Packing Machine

Pop Can Packing Machine

Glass Bottle Packing Machine

9. Controlling System

Mashing Control Panel

Fermenting Control Panel

Refrigerating Control Panel

The cooling way of our fermenters are dimple jacket cooling. The cooling media is glycol water or alcohol water. So the temperature of beer can be kept between 0℃ to 5℃ when you fill beer into vessels. It is the best temperature for filling beer. If not, there will be much foam.

2. Production Pictures ( Details)

Our brewery equipment including brewing fermenter all take SUS304, SUS316 and red cooper, it is according to customer's requirments.

The inner-jacket thickness of all the tanks is 3.0mm. The same with tanks’ seal head, bottom and cone. The thickness external-jacket 2.0mm. Polishing precision is Ra0.4μm.

The speed of raker is 0-29 turns per minute(adjustable). The wort pumps are 3000L/H(adjustable). The lauter is also equipped with milling sieve, instead of welding sieve.

Carbonated soft drink filling equipment  Carbonated soft drink filling equipment

3. Guarantee & After Sales Service:

We guarantee the quality of the main parts within 36 months, guarantee the electric parts within 12 months.

If the parts go wrong without artificial factors within guarantee time, we will freely provide them or maintain them for you.

After guarantee time, if you need to change parts, we will kindly provide you with the best price or maintain it in your site.

Whenever you have technical question in using it, we will freely do our best to support you.

If you want to know more information, please contact Mandy!

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