Customised 500L Red Copper Brew Kettle and Microbrewery Equipment for Brew House

500L Brewing system Product Application The complete 500L brewery equipment includs the following 6 systems: 1.Malt milling system 2.Saccharification System 3.Fermentation system 4.Refrigerating System 5.CIP cleaning system 6.Controlling system Main Features 1) All tanks adopt food grade...
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Brewing mainly refers to the process of producing alcohol and other organic matter through alcohol fermentation process by immersing starch containing grains in water.Brewing refers to the process of producing alcoholic beverages by means of alcohol fermentation. Depending on the raw materials and processing methods, the microbes used in winemaking and the process of winemaking vary.

The quality of wine is closely related to the brewing equipment. Following the development of social science and technology, our company continues to innovate and increase the production process of advanced crusher and brewing equipment. Our company's brewing equipment, storage tanks and crushers will produce and The experiments were carried out simultaneously, forming a unique brewing equipment process. Its characteristics are fast drinking, water saving, energy saving, and the tail net has reduced the labor intensity of workers.

The wine barrel adopts multi-tube exhaust, which blows the wine cellar, rotates automatically, heats evenly, and the wine is fast, never sizzling. The area of the cooler and the contact cooling water is increased, and the cooling speed is fast.

Product Application

The complete 500L brewery facility includes the following six systems:

1.Malt milling system

2. Saccharification system

3. Fermentation system

4. Refrigeration system

5.CIP cleaning system

6. Control system

500l red copper brew kettle500l brewery equipment


Malt milling system

Malt mill

Saccharification System

Mash / Lauter tun

Boiling / Whirlpool tank
Hot water tank

Fermentation system


Refrigerating System

Ice Water Tank

Chiller Unit

CIP cleaning system

Disinfection tank /Alkaline tank

Controlling system

Mashing /Fermenting /Cooling /Cleaning control

microbrewery equipmentCraft Brewing Equipment

Main Features

1) All tanks are made of food grade stainless steel 304 with a nickel content between 9.5% and 10.5%, which fully meets the requirements of the international stainless steel anti-rust standard.

2) Using TIG argon-shielded welding, the welding surface is smooth and uniform, and the polishing precision is 0.4-0.6um.

3) All tanks will be produced according to customer-confirmed drawings designed to meet the customer's beer craft.


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