Micro Brewery System

Micro Brewery System

This brewhouse is for a 1000L which can be use at home, brewery or pubs.
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This brewhouse is for a 1BBL which can be use at home, brewery or pubs. It has two vessels (Mash/Lauter tun, Boiling/whirlpool tun and a hot water tank). If you need, we also can provide you with the 3or 4 vessels brewhouse.

Functions of Micro Brewery System

1. Disinfection

Disinfection function is one of the important functions of small beer equipment. The reason why the wine produced by small beer equipment can achieve the same quality as the national standard. This is the disinfection function as a background guarantee. It can use various methods to disinfect the equipment. Pollution, in the production process of beer equipment can also be integrated into the disinfection process to ensure the quality of beer.

2. Smashing and filtering

The small beer equipment can be crushed by a malt mill, or other pulverizing methods can be selected, and it can also guarantee the filtering function. After the filtration, the beer can be mellow, and the beer brewed can be similar in appearance to the ordinary market. The difference in beer is the same, and ordinary drinkers are difficult to distinguish.

3. Cooking and cooling

In the beer production industry, it is necessary to degrade protein and boil hops, which requires cooking and cooling. The small beer equipment is integrated into the cooling function to cool the wort when making beer in small places. The ice cooling can also make the brewed beer The taste of fresh alcohol is guaranteed, and the cooling function is used as a guarantee to increase the cost performance of small beer equipment.

4. Fermentation

Fermentation is naturally the basic function of small beer equipment. It is different from the fermentation of ordinary large beer equipment, and the fermentation time is slow, but the quality of fermentation can also be guaranteed.

After that, it is the saccharification process. Because the equipment has a good automatic temperature control function, whether it needs to heat up, keep warm or cool down, it can be controlled by automatic setting. 


As you can see in the above pictures, we can provide many kinds of rakers in the luter tun, the raker can moved up and down as your needs automaticly or manually. The spent grain outlet also can be automatic or manulay. It's up to you!!

milled sieve (2).jpg

The sieve is milled in lauter tun. The filter plate gap is less than 0.7mm and load of sieve is about 250kg/m2. It is made by machine. The gap is more well-distributed. Never leak spent grain. In addition, it's easy to take the milled sieve out of the lauter tun because it has three parts.

 motor and pump.jpg

We use ABB motors and VFD Food grade efficient centrifugal pump.

Heat exchanger and mirror.jpg 

Plate-type Heat Ex-changer with double-section cooling: (water-cooled + glycol cold).

polishing (2).jpg

 The perfect polishing. our inner polishing accuracy can be Ra0.2-0.4µm. Welding and polishing.jpg

The perfect welding. 

500l red copper brew kettle

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