Semi Automatic 400BPH Glass Bottle Filling Machine

Semi Automatic 400BPH Glass Bottle Filling Machine

Four heads semiautomatic beer bottle rinsing, filling, capping triblock machine main parts are automatic electronic control filling valve, vacuum, preparation of pressure(CO2), the photoelectric liquid level detection, automatic filling process, CIP cleaning system, bottle deformation pieces, easy worn parts, hand sliding door.
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Product Details

the new design filler

Main technical specifications


Three. Working process



(1) To invert the bottle to washing head and gently press the bottle, washing valve automatically open, and began to wash the inside of bottle.

 (2) You can use circulating water of water tank to wash, or finish washing in one time and discharge. After finished washing, there will be compressed air blowing inside of bottle.



Filling process: bottle base lift the bottle and press with filling valvevacuumpreparation of pressurefilling (return air)close valve stabilitypressure relief and air dischargebottle base down.

3.Capping: tidy capgland seal.


4.Touch screen 


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