Soda Water Filling Machine

Soda water filling machine is suitable for a variety of drinking water filling production. It adopts atmospheric pressure filling technology, which can realize multiple operations of rinsing, filling and capping, beautiful appearance design, scientific and reasonable, and convenient maintenance.
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Product Description:

Soda water filling machine is suitable for a variety of drinking water filling production.

 It adopts atmospheric pressure filling technology, which can realize multiple operations of rinsing, filling and capping, 

beautiful appearance design, scientific and reasonable, and convenient maintenance. 

The hanging card bottle mouth is convenient to replace the bottle type, and it is quick and labor-saving.

 The bottle-free and un-capped system is realized, and the card bottle automatic shutdown system is realized.

small glass beer filling machineautomatic filling machine beer


1. The inverter control technology and the output indication function are used to adjust the output.

2. Key electrical components such as inverter control use well-known brands.

3. Soda water filling machine adopts efficient cover system and has perfect feeding technology and protection device.

4. With overload protection device, it can effectively protect the equipment and operators.

5. The control system has automatic control of the material water level, and the card bottle automatically stops.

6. The main soda water filling machine adopts frequency conversion and belt control, which can easily adapt to the production speed.

7. Micro-electric data control, stable performance, easy to operate, more humane. gas

8. The cylinder is filled with power, high productivity, simple structure and easy maintenance.

9. The screw cap part is provided with an automatic slip device, and the screw cap is loosely fitted.

System Components:

1. Rinsing part: 

2. Filling part: 

3. Capping part: 

automatic filling machine


Syrup boiler:

This equipment is one of the necessary equipments in beverage, food and medicine industry. It could completely finish the work such as syrup boil, cool, mixing and storage in one body.

soda water filler
soda water filling machine

Mixing tank:

This equipment is an assistant part for carbonation water and wine on beverage filling line. It is used to mix syrup and other kind of liquid. It is made of super stainless steel. 

Syrup filter:

Two filters can change using each other; it is not necessary to stop the machine as you change the filter net, and it also is suitable to work for a long time.


packing line
automatic CSD/CO2 drink gas water soda carbonated soft drink glass bottle cold filler/filling machine

Water cooling device:

Cold beverage tank is adopted chiller to work out the old water. It can be used in manufacture, hotel, and so on; it is accessory devices for making soda water, sparkling wine.

This cold beverage tank is adopted F. chilling liquid is F-12, and installed pressure automatic controller, machine runs well and easy to operate.

Carbonic acid:

This carbonator is used for carbonation and proportion mixing of syrup and CO2. It is the main equipment in whole beverage production line.

Before adding CO2, the syrup needs to be vacuumed and chilled. This machine can make the syrup the CO2 ratio 6g/L. 

soda water filling machine

About US:

 HG company becomes leader in domestic liquid package machinery industry and the most professional supplier for liquid production and 

package turnkey project. We innovate and endeavour to improve the industrial chain ceaselessly; now we own beer equipment, 

beverage equipment, bio-pharmaceutical equipment, condiment equipment and other full range of fermentation equipment product lines.

Our Team:

We have a professional team of engineers, our technical engineers have more than 20 years of work experience.

They are very proficient in beer equipment and filling equipment. 

From designing beer equipment to dealing with after-sales problem, we can provide you with quality service.

And we are service is warm and more than you think. We have plenty of receptions for our customers from all over the world.

Shipping& Packing:

Iron frame for LCL shipping. 20foot container/ 40 foot container for FCL shipping. 

Transportation method: By sea/railway/ road/ air.

Shipping Port:  by Qingdao Port, or by customer's requirement.


1.Q:How many years of experience in brewing equipment do you have?

A: We have more than 20 years in brewing and beer filling equipment.

2. Q: Where is your factory located?

A: Our factory is located in Dianliu industrial park, Licheng District, Jinan, Shandong, China, 2 hours to Beijing.

3. Q: How could we confirm the details of the products?

A: We will provide all the drawings for you to confirm before production.

4: Q: How long the warranty will be?

A: 3 years warranty for the whole tank and the main equipment, 1 year for the accessories and auxiliaries.

6. Q: How do you guarantee the filling machine operation?

A:before out of factory, we will test thefilling equipment with beer.

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