Development History Of Beer Ferment Equipment

- Jun 21, 2017-

The first stage: before 1900, it was the prototype of a modern fermenter with simple temperature and heat exchange equipment.

In the second stage: at 1900-1940, a 200m3 steel fermentor was introduced, and an air distributor was provided in the baker's yeast fermenter and mechanical agitation was used in the small fermenter.

The third stage beer fermentation equipment: 1940-1960, mechanical agitation, ventilation, aseptic operation and pure seed culture, a series of techniques began to improve, fermentation process parameter detection and control have emerged, anti-steam sterilization online continuous determination of ph electrode and dissolution At the oxygen electrode, the fermentation process begins with computer control. The separation and purification equipment of the fermentation product is gradually commercialized.

Stage 4: 1960-1979, the volume of mechanically stirred and vented fermenters increased to 80-150 m3. Due to the large-scale production of single-cell proteins, there are pressure cycling and pressure-jet fermentors that can overcome some of the gas exchange and heat exchange problems. Computers are beginning to be widely used in the fermentation industry.

The fifth stage: 1979 to the present. The rapid development of bioengineering and technology has raised new issues for the fermentation industry. As a result, large-scale cell culture fermenters, commercialization of genetic engineering products such as insulin and interferon have appeared.