New Design Of Beer Brewing Equipment Production Process

- Jul 15, 2017-

Brewed beer refers to their own brewed with a small beer brewed beer, because it is their own hand-brewing, not the industrialization of large brewing beer brewing, so called brewed beer, its production and some large brewery production Beer is completely different, in Germany, promulgated the "Beer Purity Law" on the clear provisions of the brewery used in the raw materials can only be:

1. hops

2. barley malt

3. Yeast

4. Water

brewery equipment

Brewing beer area is a high-end beer, in some high-end star hotel often sold.

With our beer equipment we are responsible for providing you with technical support, as well as in the process of making some of the raw materials can be provided for you (of course raw materials you can also purchase).

The fermentation process is mainly low temperature fermentation. Fermentation period of 10 days -21 days or so, and some German beer estate beer estate fermentation period of 28 days, so that beer in the low temperature state of slow fermentation, taste softer, more lasting flavor, the bubble richer.

Brewer is a high-end beer, in some high-end star hotel often sold.

beer brewery equipment