New Filling Machine Designed By HG Machinery

- May 09, 2018-

HG Machinery designed a new machine again!

The 8-8-3 beer glass bottle rinsing-filling-capping monoblock is designed, researched and produced by our HG Machinery Co. The filling technique is based on the German traditional mechanical valve which is stable and not easy to damage. The whole machine takes small footprint, it is 1800×1600×2550mm. Although it is small, it can fill 1000~1500 bottles per hour.


There are three innovations of our 8-8-3 machine comparing the old model:

1. Twice Rinsing: first rinsing for sterilization, second rinsing for cleaning. It will ensure the quality of the beer with clean bottles.


2. Outer filling valves, twice evacuation: the thickness of the beer tanks is 10mm and the filling valve doesn’t direct contact the beer in the beer tank. It will reduce the oxygenation of beer and reduce the pollution in the beer tank.


3. Mechanical drive on capping part: don’t reply on the pneumatic actuator. The whole machine will run steadily and fast.


Based on the different configuration requirement of our client, the price is also different.Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information if you are interested in our 8-8-3 machine!