First Look: The BrewMonitor System Automates, Live-streams Fermentation Monitoring To Any Device

- Aug 29, 2018-

Shandong HG machinery co.,Ltd.sent word of a new fermentation monitoring solution it has devised for the craft beer industry, the BrewMonitor System, which replaces ad hoc sampling and testing with a fully automated, live-streamed fermentation monitoring process.

“There has never been a way to unlock the vast amount of information contained in the moment-to-moment interaction of yeast and wort inside the fermentation tank,” said Daniel Kulenic, CEO of Precision Fermentation. “BrewMonitor makes this a reality, and the value of streaming fermentation data to any PC, tablet or smartphone is immense.

BrewMonitor enables regional craft brewers, microbreweries and brewpubs to leverage fully data-driven fermentation to expand artistic horizons, ensure excellent product quality and deliver maximum value to the business. The benefits range from cost savings via remote monitoring and accurate fermentation completion to understanding the exact conditions required by each flavor profile to easily assessing yeast health before major problems arise.

How it works


BrewMonitor X-1 is a proprietary hardware device (pictured above), retrofitted to existing fermentation tanks. It contains a multi-sensor array that reports real-time data via the cloud. This device offers continual high-density sampling without manual intervention. BrewMonitor Console is a web-based fermentation monitoring application, enabling instant views and trends to track current conditions, benchmark results, manage the fermentation process and operate the X-1 device.

It is fully SaaS-based, which means there is no software to install, and you can access tank status anytime from any PC, tablet or smartphone. The system allows you to monitor all tanks across multiple physical locations from a single console and access historical insights for benchmarking and R&D. Also, you can operate device cleaning protocols with SmartClean Manager and set automatically-triggered email alerts based on custom thresholds, notifying about problems:

  • pH

  • Density

  • Pressure

  • Conductivity

  • Dissolved oxygen

  • Internal and external temperature

The BrewMonitor System will be available for purchase in September 2018.