The Simple Basics Of Beer Brewing

- Dec 20, 2019-

1. Why do fermentation tanks remove cold solids and dead yeast?How to remove?

Because the cold solidification adsorbs on the surface of the yeast, it can hinder fermentation.

Another reason is that dead yeast secretes content that produces a yeast flavor.

So we want to arrange frequently, arrange less, discharge want clean.


2.The main cause of yeast autolysis?

Yeast senescence.

Storage temperature is too high

Wine storage time is too long, especially in the case of pressure, more prone to yeast autolysis.

In production, in addition to keeping the yeast strong, fermentation and diacetyl reduction end, the yeast should be promptly discharged.If the yeast is not discharged, it is difficult to reduce the low temperature of the tank, causing yeast autolysis, temperature rise, will cause bad circulation.

3.What factors influence the consistency of beer taste?

Raw material inconsistency

Process inconsistency

Inconsistent operation

Equipment difference

Pollution levels are inconsistent