Beer Bottling Machine

Beer Bottling Machine

Our filling machine can fill 500-1000BPH. If you are interested in it,please tell me.
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Product Details

Beer bottling machine

the beer filling line5.jpg

Basic Parameters:




304 stainless steel including the structure

Rinsing heads


Filling heads


Capping heads




Applicable bottle

Bottle height 150~300mm  DiameterΦ50~Φ80mm

Aseptic air consumption


CO2 consumption


Water consumption

Vacuum pump 0. 15m3/h

Washing    0. 4m3/h

Two. Technology feature

(1) Adopts high precision mechanical valve, has advantages of high precision in liquid level.

(2) Sealed filling cylinder made of 304 stainless steel and automatic adjustment of the liquid level to realize isobaric filling.

(3) Has CIP cleaning function, touching screen control, the whole machine is protected by stainless door.

(4) Adopt vacuumization and CO2 preparing pressure principal.

(5) The height of the rinsing-filling-capping machine is adjustable to fill different kinds of beer bottles within the design scope.

(6) Main transmission adopts a transmission combination of cog-type belt and gear box type, high efficiency and low noise.

(7) Main transmission adopts stepless speed regulation. The machine adopts Siemens PLC control.

(8) When there are bottles, it will fill. Otherwise, it won’t. 

(9) There are two kinds of control system, manual and automatic. When using manual system, if there is no beer or cap, the machine can alarm automatically. When using automatic system, it can automatically adjust if you set the requirement. 

The details picture of our filling machine

the beer filling line2.jpg  the beer filling line3.jpg

Our finished filling line (from worktable to flat table)

the beer filling machine.jpg 

Our company

Shandong HG Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, researching and manufacturing beer equipment. Introducing European advanced technology and innovate on the technology. By 17 years’ effort and persistence on professionalism, she becomes the most professional beer equipment machinery research and manufacturing base, National key hi-tech enterprise and National Torch Program projects enterprise.


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